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Horizontal Balers

A comprehensive range of fully automatic and semi-automatic operated horizontal balers, designed and manufactured by Sacria Industries, our European partner.

Horizontal balers are ideal for medium to larger sizes of businesses producing high volumes of waste and recyclable materials.

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The Saphir 2000 is the largest in the range and is for the very large processing sites requiring high output and produces bales of up to 2000kg, with adjustable size and options include 150 or 200 tonnes.



The Horizontal Baler Saphir 2000 is the largest in the Saphir range. A heavy duty horizontal baler designed to suit the largest producers of recyclable products and popular across the following industry examples: Recycling Facilities, Material Recovery Facilities (MRF’s) and also Waste Transfer Stations.



It is available with Horizontal Wire Tie design (2000ATH), with  different designs and feeding configurations available to suit each user.

  • Automatic operation
  • Horizontal wire tie system
  • Extremely large hopper and feed opening
  • Variable bale length
  • High compaction force
  • Easy to use touch screen controls
  • Options for 150 and 200 tonnes pressing force
  • 10 to 25 tonnes per hour
  • Easily processes a range of materials, including: cardboard, paper, trim, paper offcuts, plastic film and beverage containers
  • Configuration and processing options are numerous and these can be developed to suit your specific feeding applications to ensure optimum throughput, ideal for processing recyclable volumes and fed continuously. Different options typically include by Conveyor (belt and steel slat) feed options, mobile equipment or a potential combination of these solutions.
  • Various design options are available to suit specific  requirements, such as:
    • hydraulic shear de-blocker
    • perforator on hydraulic slide system
    • numerous customisable bale take off options to suit site layouts


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