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Recycle Cage

Our range of Recycle Cages are a perfect solution for placement around sites in strategic locations, enabling workers to effectively separate and capture all recyclables at source, therefore avoiding landfill.

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A perfect low cost recycling solution for businesses. Ideal for placement in strategic locations to capture recyclables at the source. These recycle cages are then easily moved with pallet movers and forklifts to balers for compacting or for transport and are also stackable.

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If your business generates a lot of recyclables, you may find yourself struggling to store and move products around your facility.

Using our Recycle Cage solutions, you can separate recyclables at the point of generation, and easily move the cages when full using a pallet lifter or forklift.

With a variety of different cage sizes and designs available along with custom options if required, we provide the ideal solution for your business needs.

Save time and space by stacking cages and once they’re full simply send them for recycling, or save even more by compacting your cardboard into bales first, potentially creating an additional revenue stream for your business.

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