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Recycling Frame & Bags

A low-cost solution to help solve your plastic waste problems.

Easily and efficiently collect and store used plastic film for recycling, reducing landfill volumes, waste costs and also opening a potential new revenue stream for your business.

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Recycling Frame and Bags: A cost effective recycling solution for businesses, to assist in efficiently and effectively capturing plastic film at the source, keeping it clean and ready for collection and/or baling for recycling into new products once again. 

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Many businesses generate clear plastic film as they receive products and unwrap pallets, cartons and various bulk items.

Unfortunately this is often then mixed and lost into the general waste stream and sent to landfill, but actually if kept separate it is a valuable and sought-after recycling material.

Durogreen have developed a colour coded Plastic Recycling Frame & Bag solution that makes it easy to collect and separate used plastic film at the source, ready for recycling.

This low cost solution can be placed in strategic locations where plastic film waste is generated. Plastics are placed in a transparent bag, ready to be collected, stored and then picked up or for larger producers is then able to be compacted into efficient bales.


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