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Vertical Balers

A comprehensive range of vertical balers, designed and manufactured by Sacria Industries, our European partner.

Each baler in our collection is able to deliver measurable operational, financial and environmental benefits for your business.

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Vertical balers are ideal for businesses looking to efficiently compact recyclable materials at source, reducing labour and operational costs, improving productivity, as well as creating new revenue streams for their business.

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Vertical Balers – Solution Benefits

  • Compress lightweight products into efficient and saleable bales, with potential to be paid for your recyclable products.
  • Save on valuable storage space and reduce labour by locating your vertical baler where you produce your packaging, letting the equipment do the time consuming crushing work for you.
  • The range of vertical balers starts with a compact baler producing a 50kg bale, ideal for businesses that are short on space, and offers equipment producing efficient and high density bales of up to 500kg.
  • Our larger vertical balers produce a bale that is already efficient for transport, potentially avoiding the requirement for additional transport and re-baling, saving money. This also enables the future potential adoption of a Direct to Mill and/or Return to Distribution Centre logistics model, further improving overall returns through improved rebates.
  • Reduce the quantity of truck collections required each year, contributing to greenhouse gas reductions, lower collection costs and see a corresponding increase in your rebates.
  • Unique and user friendly features, including touch screen technology and a semi-automatic slide door option on certain models.
  • Bale an extensive range of products including cardboard, plastic film, folding cartons, and other lightweight packaging materials.
  • Vertical Balers have a relatively small footprint makes them ideal for facilities where space is limited. The larger models are suitable for producing mill sized bales for many industries including retail, warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing companies.
  • Recycling saves valuable resources that would otherwise be wasted.




In Europe, they take recycling seriously! Whether you are visiting a retail site, a warehouse, industrial site or factory, there are two recurring themes discussed when asking why they chose their equipment solutions.


  1. Production:

Recycling is a core part of our Production Process within our business, therefore it is essential we select and implement the most efficient solution for our business.

It must consider all aspects involved in handling and consolidating these materials, including safety, labour, space, mobile equipment use, transportation and environmental impact.

  1. Maximise Revenue

The sale of recyclable materials we produce is also a core revenue stream for our business, therefore we must endeavour to maximise revenue for our business.

As part of the equipment selection process, the chosen equipment should aim to minimise the collection and handling requirements for our Recycling Partners, enabling higher returns to be received.


Our Approach

At Durogreen we are committed to assisting Australian businesses and their Service partners to transform and improve the way they manage recycling and waste and provide long term sustainable solutions.

Our range of Vertical Balers, knowledge share from partners in Europe, coupled with our nearly 30 years of extensive industry recycling experience, provides a really unique opportunity to help transform your business operations, improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and create a new and/or improved revenue stream for your business.


Next steps?

  1.  Are you interested in investigating solutions for your business and not sure what to do next?
  2.  Wanting and/or needing to improve operations, financial and environmental performance?
  3.  Lacking the time, resources and knowledge in this area?
  4.  Not sure if you can really afford new and improved solutions?
  5.  Are you producing reasonable volumes of recyclables already?
  6.  Are you currently utilising alternate or old equipment solutions.


By purchasing or renting high quality vertical baling equipment, your business can save time and money, while improving supply chain efficiencies and improving overall recycling outcomes.

You may be surprised with how quickly we can complete a review, what improvements can be achieved and how easy it is to make the change and start to enjoy the benefits.

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