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At Durogreen, we care for our clients’ businesses and for the environment.

Our role and the products and services we offer are therefore designed to deliver maximum impact to a company’s bottom line, operational performance and to their environmental credentials.

In addition to saving businesses money through reducing the amount of waste they send to landfill, increasing the amount that gets recycled, as well as reducing labour and increasing productivity, we provide a boost to their sustainability performance and create  long-term, positive environmental impacts.

We like to do this in three key ways:

1. Increasing the recovery of recyclables:

Review of waste products produced by businesses across all industries typically show that large volumes of recyclable materials are currently still being sent to landfill.

By implementing our recommendations, businesses are able to recover and increase the amount of materials they send for recycling.


Vertical Baler SAM 4002. Reducing the environmental impact of recycling and waste disposal:

Our equipment and logistical strategies boost the efficiencies of recycling solutions. These efficiencies lead to a reduction in labour and storage required, with fewer collections necessary, this lowers costs, increases rebates and achieves smaller waste volumes going to landfill.

Reduced truck movements, avoiding re-processing costs, saves businesses money and also cuts down on harmful CO2 emissions.


3. Improving employee engagement:

Our ‘Magic Wand’ is for all companies to commit to improving induction, training and education programs to include waste and recycling requirements, which will ultimately improve outcomes for their business, their bottom line and importantly the environment.

By incorporating our eye-catching and informative recycling signage, this ensures that every employee is aware of how to process waste and recyclable products more effectively, and why it is important to do so.

This knowledge will extend to every part of their lives, and become a driving force behind a much-needed shift in attitude towards recycling and driving improved sustainability outcomes.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the waste management and recycling industries in Australia, Durogreen now works with leading partners in Europe to bring Recycling Best Practice and Innovation to Australia.

There are always opportunities to improve the way we do things; at Durogreen we are committed to innovation and education, in order to build sustainability into everyday business thinking.



Make a positive impact for your business and for the environment.