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Recycling Signage

Create an immediate impact and improve your recycling and waste management performance with our highly visual industry standardised recycling and waste signage.

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Recycling Signage


Simply select the item you wish to purchase and select the applicable requirements and order your standardised industry recycling signage online today, it’s easy!

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A review of different site waste management and recycling programs regularly show that it’s not doing the job it was intended to do, which is getting employees to recycle correctly and minimise waste to landfill.

A lack of knowledge means poor recycling and therefore increased disposal costs, loss of potential rebates and creates ongoing frustration for Business Leaders with overall financial and operational responsibility for these areas.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your recycling performance is to make sure all your employees know exactly what to do! By using our Standardised Recycling Signage at key locations around your facility it’s quick to see at a glance.


Clear and highly visual recycling signs will:

  • Encourage individuals to correctly participate in all recycling activities across all areas of your business.
  • Reduce confusion and contamination, maximising your recycling recovery.
  • Reduce waste volumes sent to landfill.
  • Minimize your waste costs and increase your bottom line.
  • Look great and help improve overall sustainability performance.


Our online recycling signage shop makes it quick and easy for you to order all your recycling signs online, making an immediate impact on your business.

Our range offers a variety of substrates and sizes to suit different applications, including stickers and corflute signs, with custom options available upon request.

Order online today. For inquiries contact us.



We currently supply a large range of Standardised Industry Recycling Signage which is available online for your convenience:

Recycling Signage Size



  •  Small: 200 x 300 mm 
  •  Large: 300 x 400 mm   
  •  X-Large: 600 x 900 mm (Corflute)

Standard Substrates:

  • Stickers:  UV laminated and digitally printed sticker with high tack adhesive.
  • Coreflute:  Single Sided 5 mm with UV digitally printed graphics applied.






A standardised label has been developed for most recyclable materials together with a range of sizes to suit most applications.

If you need something different or a different size then please make contact with us to discuss your requirements further.


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