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Store, stack and transport difficult to handle recyclables with ease, thanks to our unique and innovative industry recycling storage solution. Reduce waste and enable  efficient recycling methods to cut your costs and make more money for your business.

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Our Corpak recycling storage solution is ideal for businesses separating and storing difficult materials at source, such as plastic and textiles, enabling efficient storage, transportation and recycling options.

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Corpak Recycling Storage – Features and  Benefits

Those difficult materials to recycle just got easier to handle

Does your business generate recyclable materials that are difficult to handle and store, for example packaging materials, awkwardly shaped and rigid plastics or even textiles and clothing?

Our Corpak storage solution is ideal for separating and storing these difficult materials at source, enabling efficient collection, consolidation, transportation, storage and recycling. These beautifully designed containers are collapsible for efficient return freight to customers, are stackable, washable and reusable, and can also be made in custom sizes and potentially with your company’s logo.

Corpaks can solve a wide range of industry storage, handling and transport solutions and deliver many additional benefits for your business:

  • Reduce waste collection costs and increase recycling. Businesses that generate large volumes of recycling may be eligible for rebates.
  • Easily separate and store recyclable materials at the point of generation. Corpak containers can be transported with a pallet mover or forklift, and stacked to save on storage space.
  • Corpak containers are manufactured using recycled materials. They initially arrive flat packed and incorporate collapsible sides (Fluteboard liner), and a thermoformed plastic pallet base and lid.
  • These cost-effective containers are strong and durable, yet lightweight and fully washable.
  • Available in different sizes to suit various applications, and can be customised with your business logo or requirements if required at additional cost


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