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Vertical Balers

A comprehensive range of vertical balers, designed and manufactured by Sacria Industries, our European partner.

Each baler in our collection is able to deliver measurable operational, financial and environmental benefits for your business.

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SAM 7555

A dual loading chamber designed for top loading, the 7555 is a compact and cost effective solution for businesses wanting to bale multiple products simultaneously, producing bales of approximately 50kg.


The 7555 vertical baler is designed with two chambers and an easy to use slide hydraulic system, allowing easy separation at source and processing of multiple products simultaneously with the one baler.

This baler is effective, versatile and is suitable for processing cardboard, plastic film and other lightweight materials for recycling.

The 7555 produces a bale of approximately 50 kg’s, which is easily moved with the bale trolley provided.



Installing a 7555 vertical baler can deliver a range of financial, operational and environmental benefits for your business. A few more examples are as follows:

  • Dual chamber
  • Process multiple products simultaneously
  • Top loading of product
  • Easy slide hydraulic system
  • Small foot print
  • Low overall height
  • Single phase power supply
  • Automatic cycle
  • Special product retention claws
  • Bale trolley included
  • Easy to use controls
  • Easy access for strapping replacement
  • Reduce storage space on site
  • Reduce frequency of collections, reducing costs
  • Create a potential new revenue stream for your business
  • Easily processes cardboard, plastic film and other lightweight and bulky products into an efficient baled format

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