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Roller Compactor

The Roller Compactor is the perfect solution for compacting large and bulky items within bulk bins, allowing for maximum loading and a reducing the associated transportation costs.

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Roller Compactor

The perfect solution for large and bulky items that cannot be processed by traditional compaction methods. Roller compactors are ideal for use with bulk bins, allowing for maximum loading.



Roller Compactors work by rolling a specially constructed drum designed with steel teeth, over waste at force.

They are typically used for compacting timber, pallets, cartons, crates, general and recyclable waste that typically cannot be processed by a conventional compactor.

The relatively small footprint also allows this equipment to be used in tight locations.



Roller Compactor Solution Benefits

  • Reduce the volume of bulky waste by up to a 5:1 ratio.
  • Gain considerable space on site and reduce the quantity of truck collections required, reducing your costs.
  • Suitable for use indoors (space permitting) or outdoors. Can also potentially be used with a Generator in regional and remote locations, ideal for temporary sites also.
  • Can be used with bulk bins to achieve effective, uniform compaction.
  • Suits a range of different Industries, including:Manufacturing, Recycling Facility, Material Recovery Facility, Waste Transfer Station, Logistics

Contact us to arrange a consultation and assessment of your needs and to determine the most effective solution setup for you.


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