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Recycle Cage

Our range of Recycle Cages are a perfect solution for placement around sites in strategic locations, enabling workers to effectively separate and capture all recyclables at source, therefore avoiding landfill.

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Recycle Cage

Separate and bale or store and then transport cardboard, paper and other recyclables easily and efficiently using our cost-effective recycling cage solution.


Durogreen’s Recycling Cage Solution 

  • Reduce waste collection costs and increase recycling. Businesses that generate large volumes of recycling may be eligible for rebates.
  • Easily separate and store recyclable cardboard and other materials at the point of generation.
  • Durogreen Recycle Cages can be transported with a pallet mover or forklift, and stacked to save on storage space.
  • Various designs available including solid sides, mesh sides, hinged doors and different heights and widths.
  • Recycle cages arrive flat packed and are quick and easy to erect. They have a solid and strong base designed for forklift operation.

Recycle Cage Dimension
Recycle Cage Technical

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