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Horizontal Balers

A comprehensive range of fully automatic and semi-automatic operated horizontal balers, designed and manufactured by Sacria Industries, our European partner.

Horizontal balers are ideal for medium to larger sizes of businesses producing high volumes of waste and recyclable materials.

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The most popular of the Saphir balers operating in Europe. The 500 series has an extensive range of designs and configurations. The different models produce bales of between 400 and 600kg, with varying output options to suit actual requirements.


The Horizontal Baler Saphir 500 series are fully automatic horizontal balers  popular across many industries that can deliver outstanding results for your business.


The automatic operation of these balers substantially reduces required labour for processing of materials. The vertical wire tie setup  keeps the footprint compact enabling you to install the baler in many tight locations. Such locations that is also in close proximity to where the material is generated inside your facility. As a result, it creates great opportunities for reducing time and handling of moving materials through out your facility.


The loading setup options are endless and also include all the regular loading options such as: hand-load, hydraulic bin lifter, conveyor, air conveyor and mobile equipment as common examples. In addition, we are able to offer both the space saving vertical wire tying option, as well as the traditional horizontal wire the option. Thus, provide opportunities to process just about any product in just about any environment.

A great investment for your business, offering different financial, operational and environmental benefits. A few more examples are as follows:

  • Automatic operation
  • Space saving vertical wire tie system
  • Horizontal wire tie system
  • Large hopper and opening
  • Variable bale length to suit your requirements
  • High compaction force producing a dense bale
  • Easy to use controls
  • Easy access for wire replacement
  • Easily processes a range of materials, including: cardboard, paper, trim, paper offcuts, plastic film and beverage containers
  • Suits a range of different Industries, including: Industry, Manufacturing, Print, Packaging, Retail, Logistics, Distribution, Recycling, Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF’s)
  • Ideal for processing recyclable volumes and fed continuously by either
    • hand
    • bin lifter
    • conveyor or air conveying and separation systems
    • mobile equipment
    • or potential combination of these solutions


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